I have a myriad of interests, some of which I class as my work. I love STORYTELLING of all kinds and take part in a combination of creating THEATRE, SINGING, WRITING and making things, mostly using paper or TEXTILES.

I do all this both on my own and facilitating groups of people.

Theatre piece 2
Landscape Theatre workshop in the woods

My preferred method of theatre creation is devising. This is what I do when working on Landscape Theatre.

My favourite singing practice is harmony a cappella. I lead a singing group  which I teach by ear and this allows anyone to take part.Singing 002 We sing for enjoyment and relaxation rather than performance.

I facilitate various types of creative workshops. Drama, plant study, landscape study, landscape theatre experience and community engagement on a theme or idea.

I always have a textile project on the go that can be anything related to knitting, crochet, sewing, patchwork or quilting. Occasionally I find the time to experiment with paper making.

Sometimes I sit down and write stories. I particularly like doing this in cafes.