Extra Thread – Girrick Gardener 1

We are now in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic but before it started spreading out from China I found myself wondering about food security. It was February, I was on a train headed south and using the opportunity to write a short story for a competition. https://www.cymerafestival.co.uk/short-fiction-competition

The remit was to imagine Scotland in 2030. I had three false starts before finding what I wanted to write. It is a serious story but written in a comic way. You can read it here:

I found myself writing about a micro community that was growing food and I named it after my own home. That got me thinking and when I got back to Scotland I decided to begin what I’d been writing about and see what happens….

GIRRICK GARDEN IN APRIL – with washing line!

I have a garden full of flowers and vegetable beds and trees and a pond. There’s really no more room for food growing BUT several of my neighbours don’t use their gardens ……



I went to see one of them and the people he rents from. I explained my worry about food shortages in the future …


And ….


They were very happy to allow me to plant vegetables. They haven’t read my story yet but maybe they’ll read it here.

Author: clare938

I live in the enchantingly beautiful Scottish Borders and I have a myriad of interests some of which I class as my work. I'm interested in stories and take part in a combination of theatre making, writing, singing and making things (mostly paper or textile based) both on my own and facilitating groups of all kinds. Thus my many threads.

2 thoughts on “Extra Thread – Girrick Gardener 1”

    1. Thanks for reading it. I’m not sure about the results. it was supposed to be 3rd May but another competition I entered were about three to four weeks late with their shortlist, which incidentally I’m on hurray!


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