I have found that I really enjoy creating and facilitating workshops. This was a bit of surprise because I started doing it in my early twenties and found it scary and strenuous. I had to do it as part of the tour I was doing around Europe (mostly Germany actually) with Cambridge Experimental Theatre. That was in the days when I was an actor.

I think it is the drama and devising background that has enabled me to now feel proficient in developing all kinds of creative workshop activities.

Guiding Vision Response

I started with drama and then went on to creative plant study. More drama with Borders Youth Theatre and then co -facilitated a whole series of workshops helping a Camphill Community engage with and remake their Guiding Vision.

Mapping the community, its work and activities

I often use a process called goethean methodology. It is a seven step process that combines scientific empirical observation with artistic activities. During this process lots of material can be produced such as maps, sketches, drawings, stories, poems, movement, sound.

Group model 3
Creating a Group Model of a woodland

All these create experiences for the participants that allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. I always undertake to create activities that progress in a logical way and also include a lot of enjoyment. I have worked both indoors and out. In rural landscapes, in a tent and in a yurt.

MOdels in foregroundp1000709




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