My name is Clare, as you’ve probably guessed, and I’m attempting to live a creative life. My first attempt was in training to be an actor and then ( oh wonder) becoming one. That worked for a short time but, I was unhappily surprised to find, that constitutionally we were not right for each other.IMG_20151103_123125

I fumbled about for a while in the dark and after a great deal of knitting and distress, found myself as a pharmacist. In order to cope with this painful transition, I decided to be self-employed and only work a few days a week. The rest of the time would be devoted to my creative work and then, surely,  I would find a different way to earn money.

Fourteen years later (where did the time go) I have finally given up pharmacy and I’m ready to enter my new creative life. This site describes what I did in those fifteen years and what happens next.

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