Landscape Theatre

In our society at this point in time, we hover between the physical fact of our earth and the images provided to us through the intemediary of a screen.We are told we need to take care of our planet, to become aware of our behaviours such as our energy consumption and production of waste. Don’t we also we need to get to know our physical landscapes? What is really happening down by the river or up on the hill?

Discovering the hill and views

How much can we know when we are nicely tucked away in our buildings? Don’t we need to experience through our bodies the living reality of nature? Only that will bring us back into connection with our environment. Walking in the countryside can give us a lot in this respect BUT STAYING IN ONE PLACE for a good length of time allows us to REALLY  see with new eyes. It is this experience that has inspired me to create Lansdcape Theatre.

Describing the landscape through movement


My idea is to create theatre out of the land that could begin to reconnect people to the living landscape and the spirit within it. To go through a process of study, discovery and creativity with a group of performers in a wild landscape. To produce a piece of theatre that has reached such a depth that the land speaks to the audience through the actors, the music and the design and perhaps inspire them to look more closely at their own landscapes.











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