Singing at the Brotherstones

I always like to do something “different” with the Smailholm Singing Group in the summer. Last year we had a meet up in my garden. One time we sang to Giant Heads (sculptures, I hasten to add) in Glentress Forest. This year we sang at the Brotherstones at midsummer, a suggestion from one of the group, which I was very happy to take up.

brotherstones 4

There are two Brotherstones and they stand on the top of a hill a short drive from Smailholm Village Hall, our usual meeting place. It was good to walk up the hill and also get a chance to talk to many of the group individually. One of them told me a story that he had found about the stones.

Brothersontes singing 1

There were two brothers who grew up in the area but moved away as young adults. During their years away one became a catholic and the other a protestant. Many years later they returned. They met up the hill by chance and failed to recognise each other. On discovering that they adhered to different faiths they began a fight which ended in both of their deaths. The stones were erected in memory of them.”

brotherstones 7

We got to the top and it was windy. Well of course it was. That’s how it often is around here. AND what a view!  I thoroughly recommend going up that hill.

We sang some songs in our usual circle, sang in front of the stones and then went to stand on the ridge looking out into the view. A skylark was fluttering above and singing too. The cows in the field below were delighted with the impromptu concert and gathered together against the fence as near to us as they could get.

brotherstones view

Surprising things to accompany you when you are doing an activity in the countryside.




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