Last Night in Hawick

Singing in Hawick. The last night.

What a long winter! Are we emerging from it at last? Today is April at its most cheery. All sunshine, daffodils, warmth and smiles. Is this only for today? This picture says it all, perhaps. No it isn’t Hawick but the isle of Rumm at sunset several years ago.

Yesterday evening I was in Hawick at the Cornucopia room, the last night of my little singing group. We sang through most of the songs I’d taught this year. Follow the clyp link below to listen to the two songs I recorded.




Author: clare938

I live in the enchantingly beautiful Scottish Borders and I have a myriad of interests some of which I class as my work. I'm interested in stories and take part in a combination of theatre making, writing, singing and making things (mostly paper or textile based) both on my own and facilitating groups of all kinds. Thus my many threads.

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